How To Stop Being a Bully

The other day was just another day where I had some time to myself, shit just lined up, and I found myself watching a Facebook Live webinar hosted by one of my old college roommates. This woman is a gorgeous, smart, funny, authentic entrepreneur that completely did a 180 since college.  I’ve been friends with her on Facebook for years now, but I realized today that every time I see her name, or attend one of her (awesome) webinars, or read her (awesomer) writings, I feel…sad.  This is NOT because her vibe is sad or anything even close to it, it is because when I had the chance to know her…to reeeeeeally know her, I was, in fact, a bully.

Yes.  I said it.  I was a big ole bully.  But not in the way some might think.  You see, growing up, and into my college years, I was always like I am now…kind, likable, fun, funny, and charming.  It was when I would move past the acquaintance phase of a friendship, that in almost all cases, I would start to become this judgmental, harsh, manipulative, peeved kind of person.  Outwardly, I would do my best to play it cool, but then when the people closest to me least expected it, I would (very cunningly) insert negativity in our conversations, interactions, and in the opinions I offered.  Like, totally bitchy right??  I know…I know.

An example of this would be if a friend started doing something fun that they liked, and were successful at it, but they also always left dirty dishes in the sink.  I would find myself being like, “Well, sure they are doing swell at such and such, but they can’t keep their kitchen clean to save their life.”  And sometimes I would gossip and say these things to someone else in our group to try to, like, manipulate them to my “side” and have this kind of inside joke that just spewed negativity and judgement behind the person’s back.  It actually feels very sucky knowing that I did these things, over, and over, and over, and it is not an easy thing to admit to.

But there is always a bright side right?

My bright side came in the moment I realized WHY I behaved and thought like this in the past.  I realized that during my high school and college years, I did not love myself.  I was so, so, so incredibly hard on myself, and seeking the approval of others to the extent that I consistently felt like a stressed out, ugly, failure.  Sure, I had good moments, and there were many times I was happy, but on the inside, on the regular, I was not.

Queue: a healthier body, a new job, the love of my life, and a spiritual awakening.

 After I graduated college, I went through a few more years of a bad, emotionally abusive relationship, but my life started to change after I made the decision to leave it.  Sure, I had to move back in with my parents, leave my beautiful, newly-renovated dream house, but then I got a job offer making double the money I was making, I started going to the gym, eating better, and losing weight, and I started really having fun and appreciating all I had created in my life.  Then, as they say, when the flower blooms, the bee comes, my now-husband and I met.  I was feeling so incredibly grateful for who I was and all of the blessings in my life, and that gratitude brought to me more blessings in the form of books, teachers, friends, classes, etc. that launched me into my awakening.  The love I felt for myself and for my other selves (aka you all out there) then, and now, created this new, brighter, lighter, happier, powerful, spiritual existence, and I could not even entertain the thought of bad-mouthing and trash talking just to feel better about myself. It was only when I had the experience of this self-love that those ugly qualities disappeared…forever.

So, the tutorial portion of this blog is:  find what you love about yourself, what you are grateful for in your life, and put all of your focus, as much as you can, on these things.  This practice will allow you to feel better about YOU, and will also allow you to go deeper and look at the parts of yourself that may cause you sadness or guilt with a buoyancy that was not there before.  The cool thing is that when you practice self-love, your vibes raise A LOT.  So, with these good vibes coursing through you, when negativity and sadness and guilt cross your path, you don’t have to ignore them, but you can more easily explore the feelings, get the lesson they bring to you (there is always a lesson), and bounce right back to your happy place, or, as I like to call it, the bully-free zone 😉

I hope you all found this blog helpful in some way!  I want to know, are/were you a bully?  How have you recovered?  I’d love to hear your stories in the comments below!

Until next time,



What Is Donald Trump’s Purpose and What Do Lightworkers Do After They Know?

Alright, for starters, I know this is a touchy, touchy, subject with not just the spiritual community, but the country and world at large.  I will preface this blog with the following.


This content is not meant to convince, persuade, force, or judge any person into dismissing their own free-will perception and beliefs.  It is meant as a sharing of my purest, most loving intentions to spread my honest perception of the subject, from where I am sitting, and from where I am in my learning.  If you have opposing views, or if this content makes you emotional in the negative spectrum, I urge you to take a deep breath, and explore the reason…the REAL reason, why.  If you are not willing/ready to do this, feel free to pass this by, and live your life as normal.  Please do not use this blog as a springboard for shaming and discrediting for your own agendas.  Our world has enough of that…wouldn’t you agree?  I know you would 😉  Also, I love you and your beautiful mind and your beautiful opinions.  I truly believe that our uniqueness in this regard is what SObrings us together in Unity.  Because we are all unique, and we all come from a unique perspective of life, we all have this in common.   Including yours truly.

Now, on to the good stuff!


I will start by saying that my views of the current President of the United States (POTUS) began with sheer and utter shock, disgust, and fear.  From the first few times I heard his need for validation, praise, etc. I thought, this man does not seem like someone who is sure of himself, and is full of himself, and neither of those are good. Then came the comments about grabbing lady parts, and building a wall around the country, and I was in agreeance completely with all of the major news networks reporting on his latest ridiculousness.  I thought that the country was doomed and that he was a juvenile, ahem, idiot, that was not fit to run a country.  Then, as the last year and a half proceeded, on the sidelines, I was learning things about our country and the world.  I was learning about the dark side, if you will.  Though I still feel that POTUS has some immature and attention seeking foolishness about him (more on that in the What Do We Do section), I could not deny that when I started looking into what social media and main stream media (MSM) told me was crazy and ludacris, I arrived at some undeniable, personal truths.  These truths are part of what I would like to share with you.


TRUTH #1:  The U.S. government is corrupt and has been for a long time.

This was an easy jump for me as I already felt this in the core of my being, as did many other Americans before Trump was even in office.  In 2015, a survey (here) said that “75% of Americans perceived corruption as widespread in the country’s government.”  I don’t really feel like I need to back this up with much more.  We are intelligent humans.  We feel this is the current state of our government and that it has not changed with all of the political figures we’ve voted into office yet.

TRUTH #2:  Mainstream Media is indeed, fake news.

I know, I know, we are all tired of hearing Trump say this phrase and honestly, it does seem a little hokey.  I completely thought it irrelevant a year ago and filed it in my brain’s junk folder.

It wasn’t until I started learning about this aforementioned U.S. Government dark side that I really decided to take another look at what POTUS was saying.  What I found is that the MSM companies (CNN, FOX, CNBC, etc.) are ALL owned by only 15 billionaire businessman (see article here).  FIFTEEN. One-five.  These 15 individuals own the MSM that puts out over 90% of the news that is available to American citizens.  At first I was like, okay, even though that’s weird, how do I know that the news is fake?  Then it only took me 1.7 seconds to realize that these men are BUSINESSmen.  Pushing out the information to the highest bidder is only BUSINESS to them.  And guess who the highest bidders are?  Those companies that we trust.  Which brings us nicely to our last truth.

TRUTH #3:  The companies we trust do not have our best interests in mind.

There are lots and lots of theories and factual information on this topic.  Believe me.  I read lots of them and just barely scratched the surface.  One very interesting video (here) was created by Foster Gamble, heir to the Proctor & Gamble (read: does not have any reason to bash the large corporations) that lays out what the pyramid looks like (see image below).  There’s us, the people, at the bottom.  We are ruled by the government.  They are ruled by a very few large corporations.  These are ruled by the big banks.  The big banks are ruled by even bigger banks that are owned by a very, very small number of individuals.

Which brings me to the question I’d like you to ponder: if the government is ruled by corporations, banks, and the small group of elitist individuals, and the money to support the politicians of years past comes from these sources, what is the only kind of President you think would be immune to this control and madness?

I’ll tell you my thoughts. I believe that as uncouth as POTUS is, and how I may not agree with his antics and immaturity, he was a rich man that could not be bought and swayed by these corrupt individuals.  Come to your own opinion on this, but I believe that POTUS despised being controlled as always wants to appear the “man on top” and would spend his fortune trying to prove it rather than be bought to appease others.


I think that what we do as Lightworkers in a darkened world depends on where we feel our purpose is.  To define our purpose, I think we need to get our heads and hearts right about this man in the Oval office.  I recently watched a video on Regina Meredith’s show Open Minds where she was discussing the role of President Trump in our future with Neil Kramer, known philosopher/author/teacher.  Neil introduced the concept of what Native American tribes have long-called the heyoka. According to Wikipedia, “the heyoka is a kind of sacred clown in the culture of the Lakota people of the Great Plains of North America. The heyoka is a contrarian, jester, and satirist, who speaks, moves and reacts in an opposite fashion to the people around them.” Neil went on to say in the interview that a heyoka is often portrayed in our daily life as a person who makes a mockery of something that we hold dear and have deep, sacred, reverence for, and though they appear as a total idiot, they are completely oblivious.  I was thinking, YES!  That’s it!  That is exactly what Trump does!  He makes himself look completely immature and stupid in a position that is supposed to be the exact opposite!

Then, the lightbulb went off.

The heyoka is important in allowing us to realize that those people, places, things that we put sooooo much energy towards, that we put on such a pedestal, are not above us, and need to be reevaluated by us to ensure they are still serving us and the world in the highest and best way possible. With Trump in the US Presidency, he takes all of the disgust, hatred, distrust, and anger from all of the past corruption and transmutes it with his lackadaisical, disregard.  We know that the government is corrupt, we know that the government (minus Trump) is owned by the corrupt elite, so the next logical jump in consciousness tells us that THIS.  NEEDED. TO.  HAPPEN. Just like this.  With a person just like this.  No one else could ignore the hate.  No one else could not be bought.  There is a perfectly-timed, divine intervention going on here in my opinion. The heyoka has arrived as President Donald Trump to make America great again (too much?  Nahhhh…).

Back to our Purpose. I believe that our main purpose as Lightworkers, is to spread Love, Light, and Truth into the world.  In politics, religion, health, and finances, this love/light/truth is needed now more than ever.  Like all of us trying to discover how our life’s purpose will look and show up in our lives and in the world, I too am seeking this path.  It unfolds bit by bit as I take the next step, and then the next, and so on.  It is not always clear.  What is clear for me may not be the case for you, and this is ok!  My advice comes from my direct experiences, and I can tell you that following your heart, as corny as that may sound to some, is the key. Does it feel good to bash Trump on social media and call him a liar and an idiot?  Not for me.  Does it feel good to be informed and discern what is truth for myself? Definitely.  Does it feel good to take action on what feels right in my heart? Always.  Simple as it is, this is my advice for you all.  Be in your hearts.  Come from a place of Love.  Do your research.  Listen to your intuition.  Follow the path that you know you came to follow, which you can only feel once you actually start walking it.

Please share your insights, questions, and comments with us below!

As always, Love, Light, and Everything Right,


ORMUS 101: What, How, and Why to Take It

Some of you may have heard of this magical, mystical substance called ORMUS (pronounced ORE-muss) and if you’re anything like me, you went down the rabbit hole of researching…Google, YouTube, Gaia TV… no? Well, lucky for you, if you are interested in this substance, and interested in beginning to take it as a supplement, I’m going to give you the quick and dirty on this spiritual “manna”.

I started taking Ormus about 6 months ago after hearing about it here and there over the years, finally purchasing it on a weekend trip to Sedona, AZ at this amazing vegan chocolatier shop. This info I’ll provide to you is purely from my own research and experience, and as always, I am not a surgeon doctor medical practitioner person, so, use this info how you will 😉


Orbitally rearranged monoatomic elements, or ORMEs, as they were originally named, discovered, researched, and patented by David Hudson of Phoenix, Arizona in the 1970s, are a strange set of metallic elements (i.e. gold) that exhibit special properties unlike any other metallic state elements. Normally, when a Gold as we know it exists, there are two atoms, signified by the element symbol Au2that create the stable, pretty shiny metal that we easily recognize.

What ORMEs do is they stay by themselves as one atom (e.g. mono-atomic) and do not look like a metal at all, but rather, a white, fluffy powder. This white powder is believed to be what ancient civilizations were doing when they harvested gold, heated it, drained it, and left behind the metallic, yellow shiny stuff as indicated by many researchers around the world. Ancient civilizations did not give a crap about gold metal, they wanted the good stuff that would boost their spiritual, psychic, light bodies! More on this below. A few of the magical properties of ORMEs, Ormus, M-State, AuM, Manna, or whatever you want to call it, according to Michael Tellinger on his show Hidden Origins, are things like:

  • Being a superconductor of energy
  • Emitting a white single-frequency light
  • Healing faulty cells and DNA
  • Showing anti-gravity or levitation
  • Disappears at 700-800 degrees Celsius and reappears at normal temperatures


Now that you know some of the science and history behind Ormus, I bet you’re just dying to get your hands on some right?!? Wait no longer. As I said above, gold Ormus (the most common type) is available both as a white powder, and also as a liquid which it is suspended in. There are many sites that sell Ormus, but like all things you can buy online, not all are what they claim to be. After recommendations and info from trustworthy sources, I landed on some called Regal Purple Manna from Mother Earth Alchemy.

I have not used the powder form yet, as I found that the liquid is perfect for me and convenient to take. It comes in a glass bottle with a dropper, and the directions on most Ormus sites you will find say to start with a small amount, then over a period of a few weeks, increase the amount you take based on how you are tolerating it. I usually put the liquid under my tongue while I make my morning coffee or smoothie, and then take a swig of water and swallow it. It doesn’t have a strong or bad taste at all. Eazy peazy, one two threezy. And, as I will say more about below, I have experienced some pretty cool things from this simple morning routine. So, next I’m sure you are thinking…


I’m sure you were already sold on Ormus based on learning about its magical properties above, but lookout! Because here comes some info that’s gonna take you over the edge!

Aside from being a type of healing element, Ormus can work wonders in so many areas. I’ve personally experienced everything in the list below. Ormus may/will likely do the following for you:

  • Enhance psychic and intuitive abilities
  • Heal physical ailments and issues
  • Reverse the aging process (turn gray hair back to color, make wrinkles disappear)
  • Clear up skin issues (acne, eczema)
  • Significantly enhance meditations
  • Enhance dreams or assist with lucid dreaming
  • Enhance cognitive ability and focus
  • Allow for more restful, deep sleep
  • Repairs DNA by actually denaturing and recombining the strands
  • Raise the vibration of your body and auric field
  • Aid with manifesting things into your physical reality

Sounds like you should already have some Ormus, doesn’t it? Well, go one and getcha some! And let us know you’re your experience is below! 

Happy Ormus-ing!



Experience with a Blue Sphere Being and Mayan – Chaco People

Let me start off by saying that I knew nothing of things like the Secret Space Program (SSP), the Cabal, Cosmic Disclosure, Corey Goode, David Wilcock, Blue Spheres, ETs, etc prior to May 2018. In a pretty awesome string of recent synchronicities, I came across the online show Cosmic Disclosure (CD) and have been devouring the information about all of these topics, and more, since then.

For those of you who may also not know anything about the above listed info/people, I urge you to watch the show, or read the free transcripts of the show on Sphere Being Allliance Blog

Now, for my awesome story 🙂

On July 9, 2018, I was at my desk in my home office at about 9:00am Arizona time when I heard a high pitched ringing in my head/ears, which was indistinguishable between the two. I felt like I just needed to close my eyes, relax, and sort of meditate right then and there. I can’t explain now why I did this, just that it felt like the exact right thing to do in that moment.

So, I did.

I immediately got the impression to ask the Blue Sphere beings, which I’d just been made conscious of by Corey Goode on CD, for any kind of intelligence or messages that they may have for me. Probably no more than 1 minute into my meditation (which upon coming-to almost felt like a light sleep or dream state), a Blue Sphere showed up in my office.

**Side note: if you’ve never heard of a Blue Sphere being, see the website page Sphere Being Alliance – About Me for more info on these beings from Corey Goode’s perspective.

I got the impression that it wanted to take me somewhere. Kind of like when your significant other says, “You wanna go somewhere?” and you say, “Sure” and then 10 minutes later they walk into the room you’re in without saying anything like “Are you ready to go now?” It was that kind of energy/impression that I got.

So, anyway, I recognized that the blue sphere being knew that I was aware of how to communicate that I was “ready to go”. I knew this all from listening to Corey’s experiences he discusses on CD. I thought this was kind of funny…the sphere knew the new stuff that I knew…crazy….anyways…

So I thought Ok, I’m not scared and I’m ready to go and no sooner than I could finish the thought, I was “swooshed” to outside the Earth, in the black starry space, and boom.

I was standing right in front of two human-looking people with kind of carmel-colored skin, dark hair, and wearing green shirts/clothing. I could tell they were waiting there for me, and I got the thought immediately in my mind “MAYANS.”

One of the people was a guy that looked about 25-30 years of age. The other person was a girl, about the same age. They both had pleasant facial expressions, like, almost smiling but not quite. I could feel that they were happy to see me and I could tell they were putting off a very pleasant energy for my sake, so as not to scare, startle, or intimidate me.

I was thinking, Holy crap! Is this really happening?!?!  Then, to my surprise, they both laughed! Like, they heard my thought and they halfway understood my humor/personality, and they thought it was funny! I said “Who are you?” and I don’t remember a voice, but I do remember the guy’s mouth moving like he was talking and the only thing that stuck out in my mind was “Jocko” or “Yocko” or something like that (I called my friend immediately after and she later remembered that I told her this as well).

I was thinking to myself, Stay here….stay here….don’t get overly excited…stay here… But I couldn’t help it…I was so freaking excited! The whole time I was standing in front of them, I could feel that the Blue Sphere being was right behind me waiting to take me back to my office, like, the sphere knew I wouldn’t be there long lol.

As soon as my consciousness started thinking about being on Earth and being excited, boom…I was back in my office, opening my eyes, heart racing, etc.

What is the most interesting as of today, and why I’m writing this now, is that I JUST watched a CD episode where Corey was talking about a person named Micca from the Mayan civilization and when they displayed a computer-generated picture of Micca on the screen, he had the same skin tone, hair color, and clothing color as the two people I saw in this experience! I was shocked! But wait, there’s more…

Yesterday, 7/22/18, I was at the gym watching CD episodes – I know, really exerting myself. It was the first time I’d seen an episode with a Native American elder from the Zuni tribe named Clifford Mahooty. In this episode, Clifford was describing that the “Hopi, Mayans, and Zuni all came from the same pool” and about a group of people called “the Chaco people” that were related to these groups as well.

Wait…did he just say JOCKO?!?

I stopped working out immediately. That word sounded EXACTLY like what the guy in my meditation said to me! I couldn’t believe it! I obviously did not have this word in my “lexicon” when I had the meditation experience, but I am absolutely positive now that this is what the guy was saying to me…that they were the Chaco (Mayan) people!

So, immediately after the Clifford Mahooty episodes, I randomly watched another CD episode. In this one, Corey was talking about a Mt. Shasta mass meditation event that he hosted a couple of years ago now, and how other ET human beings, including Micca from the Mayan civilization, told him they would be coming to people in meditations and dreams with more frequency now to help wake us all up! And there you have it: some meditation/dream contact!

I hope you learned something from this post, or, at the very least, were entertained.

Please share your thoughts, similar experiences, whatever you’d like, below!

As always, love, light, and everything right,


Who is Q and What Are We To Do With Q Info?

Before I proceed to tell you my findings and opinions about Q, you should really watch this very direct, very impactful video to give you a little background:

Q – The Plan to Save the World

Wasn’t that video inspiring? Shocking? Both? If you are anything like me, when I first jumped on the Q wave, and I saw that video, I was SO inspired, but also thinking,

Is our country and our world really that f**ked up?

That said, I give you, Q, as this person is known on the anonymous discussion board site 8Chan. Q began posting on 8Chan with this crazy, spoken-in-code, V for Vendetta kind of insider information about the really messed up goings on in the U.S. government and the Cabal, and how President Trump and his close associates are geniuses with a plan to accomplish this mass outing of the Cabal and its crimes. The earliest post from Q was on Oct 28, 2017. For an organized, easy-to-follow, complete collection of Q’s messages, visit

Q provides valuable, “Q-Clearance” government insight and poses thought-provoking questions on how Trump and associates are working to expose and bring evil-doers to justice, namely Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John McCain, The Rothschilds, George Soros, and The Sauds.

Information from Q on how the Mainstream Media (MSM) spins the truth and attempts to progress the Cabal agenda was, to say the least, overwhelming for me. Once I began reading Q’s posts, doing my own research, and then seeing the MSM headlines that followed the Q posts, I was (and still am) in utter shock. I used to make fun of Trump’s “fake news” claims until I began to see the fakeness of it all myself.

So, what is all of this information good for? Where is it leading us? What are we to do with this knowledge?

For me, I tend to get a little freaked out by knowing all of the dark stuff that happens in the lifestyles of the rich, famous, and powerful. It is just not a part of my life or my psyche. That said, I do feel that in order for me to visualize the future I want for the world, and to create an unrelenting passion for being the change therein, I needed to know more of the truth. I needed to know what the dark looks like and how to use my discernment on what is truth, and just as importantly, what is not.

This is where Q has helped me tremendously. Q opened my eyes to see that only by acknowledging the darkness, and understanding its origins, can we really begin to take right action and transform it. In reading the information from Q, I’ve come to understand and accept that those who do evil things, and those who support them, knowingly and otherwise, are simply in the dark. There is much sadness and anger that comes up for me upon the unveiling of the facts, but if we are to be the change, we must be there for those who are in for a rude awakening. We must stay in our integrity, in our hearts, and give our love to those who are most going to need it when the truth is known. I say, without a doubt, Q has changed how I see the world and my place in it, and set me on my way to a newfound purpose in this life. What a great time to be alive.

Let us all know your thoughts and questions by commenting below!

As always, love, light, and everything right,


Archons, False Light, and My Experience of Getting Rid of Them

When I first heard the word Archon, I thought it sounded like some type of made-up word. Like it came from those “weirdo, conspiracy, fear-loving people” and was supposed to sound scary and intimidating. Little did I know that my pre-judgments about those people, along with my resistance to delving into the spiritual dark side, was keeping me from learning some truths that would reshape my entire spiritual life.

Queue: my story of discovery.

The Shift

About 4 months ago, I started to become close to a new friend that showed up in my life at the EXACT time that I was starting to learn a lot of new spiritual and worldly truths. Synchronicity you say??  Yes.  Yes it was. There was an almost instant connection between us and I felt pulled completely to her and her energy, vibe, and personality. Fast forward 2 months after our initial meeting, I was to go on a trip back to my hometown in Missouri. While I was on my trip, I felt myself…shifting. I know this is somewhat of a generic word that we use to describe lots of spiritual “unexplainables”…so, let me try to be specific.

I had always prayed to the archangels, prayed to the angels, asked my spirit guides for help, guidance, etc. On my trip, I brought along all of my tarot and oracle card decks.  I have ones that are archangel focused, angel focused, and I also have one deck that I call my “Higher Self” deck.

**Side Note**  I was introduced to this card deck by my new friend. Just realized that!

Anywho…on with the story…

So, on my trip, I was shifting into this feeling of not wanting to talk to any beings outside of me, and only wanting to connect to my Higher Self.  I even had a heart-to-heart with my Mom where we discussed the same thing! It was a shift in my usual prayers and focus in meditation where I felt that the only thing that was giving me truth and real guidance was my Higher Self.  It was a strange shift and I didn’t quite know what it meant.  I just went with it.

The Info

When I arrived back to my home in Arizona, a couple of days later, I was speaking to my new friend, and she says to me “You know, you are going to think I’m crazy, but, I’ve been learning about the concept of False Light and how some beings that we think are really benevolent and have our highest good in their intentions are fakes…including archangels and angels.”  Had this conversation happened even six months prior, I would’ve probably just said, “Uh huh…okay.  Sure. I respect your beliefs” and would’ve went along my merry way as usual.

It was because of my feelings and the shifting that had taken place on my trip back home, I was immediately intrigued.  I thought, Please, do go on.  She told me that there are these higher density beings that masquerade as benevolent beings of the Light, and they are called Archons.  She said that sometimes they present themselves as angels, or, get this, Archongels.  Sounds eerily similar to the word Archangels doesn’t it?  I know…I know…

She began to explain to me that these shameful beings feed off of fear, and create fear and dependency in humans and essentially, use humans for their own selfish benefits.  I asked,

How could they do this if we are the masters of our domain?  How could these False Light beings come in and cause trouble in our lives if we are sovereign and all-powerful?

The answer?  Because we ask them to.

We invite them in.  We unconsciously, undiscerningly, invite them in and ask them to be in our lives.  When we pray for the Archangels to be close to us and help us, these parasitic beings call themselves Archangels and Angels!  They respond to the call!


The Phone Call

The more she explained to me, and the more questions I asked about this concept, I started to feel that while it was definitely shocking, and a little scary, it felt surprisingly, true. I felt it in the core of my being. I felt it in my solar plexus.  I felt it all around me. Then, the craziest thing happened.

We were on the phone having this entire conversation, and all of sudden, her voice cut out. There was no background noise on her end anymore. I said her name, and heard nothing. Then, this very deep, very low, very scary voice came through on my phone. It was like nothing I’d ever heard, and I could not make out what it said.  It was about 6 seconds of pure shock and fear.  When the voice stopped, I started yelling my friend’s name. After about 2 seconds, I heard her yelling out to me.

Friend:  Brianna? Bri-ANNA?? Can you hear me?!?

Me:  Yes! Yes!  I can hear you!  What the HELL was that??  Did you hear that?!?

Friend:  Oh my God yes!!  I’m so scared!  I heard this insanely high-pitched sound and I couldn’t hear you at all!!

I was speechless.  Not only did this voice-thing stop our communication to one another, it also sounded completely different on both ends! She heard a high-pitched, inaudible, alien sounding voice and I heard some type of Darth Vader thing.  She was scared, and I was crying.  Yes, it shook me that much that I literally had a tear or two rolling down my face.  And you know the first thing we did?  We said a prayer to Archangel Michael to come in and surround us and to keep any beings that were not of Divine love and light away from us.

I can’t help but think that because we were learning the truth about these beings, and because we were sharing the information, these beings did what they do best: they created fear in us so that we would call on them and they would have some energy to, for a lack of a better word, feed off of.

The Clearing

After this unforgettable night, I started doing some of my own research on the topic of Archons and False Light beings.  My friend had pointed me to Cameron Day’s website Ascension Help. On this site, there is great information about everything False Light, like how to recognize these beings, how to get rid of them, and also free meditations and activities you can do to revoke any previous agreements that may have been made on the other side or in this life.

With all of this information and shifting coming my way, I was very confused.  So confused, that I just sat back in my home office the next day and just said,

Okay, everyone and everything that is not of absolute divine love and light, and any being that does not have my highest good in their intention, and any beings that my Higher Self does not approve of, I command you to LEAVE NOW.

 Immediately, I felt a lifting of my energy.  I felt as if a light ocean breeze had swept through my space and past me and everything was clearer.  Also, I felt completely vulnerable and naked.

I was shocked at this feeling.  I was shocked that all of the presence that I had felt for years around me, that I assumed was helping me and supporting me and loving me and guiding me, dissolved completely.  At first, I was sad about this because again, I just felt naked and exposed.  But a very, very short time later, I was pissed. I was pissed that I was taken advantage of.  I was pissed that I hadn’t used more discernment on what beings I let in my reality. I was pissed enough that I was determined to make sure this didn’t happen again. Alas, I did every activity and revoking process that Cameron Day had suggested, and a few of my own inspired activities to rid this energy from my life.

The (Very) Bright Side

While I am still recognizing where these beings and their connections may show up for me, I can say this: after the initial recognition of their presence, and after claiming my power back, I have been in an exciting, synchronistic, magical whirlwind of changes and truth ever since! I mean, call it coincidence if you’d like, but I know that this discovery drastically changed my life and it did not take long to realize that the shift coincided perfectly with this knowledge of the dark and twisty.  I hope that if this blog resonates with you at all, that you take a look at Mr. Day’s site and do some of the activities to claim your own, sovereign, divine power back as well.

Please let me and the world know what you think!  Add your comments, questions, and knowledge bombs below!

As always, love, light, and everything right!


Dream Interpretation 101

Have you ever wondered what your dreams mean?  Did you think that they were just some random happening of the brain that serves no purpose and sometimes just freaks us out?  Well, my friend, I am here to tell you that your dreams are, without a doubt, some of the most wise, clear guidance to living your best life that you could ever imagine.  But before diving way into the world of dream interpretation, there is some background info that will help you understand the process a little better.  Below are the three most important things to know and to do in order to begin understanding your nighttime adventures.

Thing #1:  Every dream is a message from your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind is just another name for your soul.  Its where our inner guidance and wisdom and beliefs are stored from all of our lifetimes.  It tells us what we are doing right, what is true for us, what we are doing/thinking that helps us, or hurts us.  The reason that our subconcious mind speaks to us in dreams is because when we are awake, we have over 60,000 thoughts a day.  Have you ever tried talking to someone who speaks 60,000 thoughts out loud a day?!?!  It’s almost impossible.  So, our soul uses the peaceful time, when our conscious, waking mind is essentially turned off, to help us understand ourselves better.

Thing #2:  Every person, place, and thing in your dreams is symbolic.

This may come as a shock to you because some dreams seem SO real.  Trust me, I’ve had them too.  But, your mind is a massive dictionary of things you’ve assigned meaning to in your life, and, when your subconscious mind (aka your “soul”) wants to communicate with you, it uses symbols that you have stored in your dictionary to get its message across.  For example, a very common symbol in dreams is water.  A person could dream about swimming in a beautiful ocean or floating in a relaxing pool, or maybe they are dreaming about drowning in a turbulent storm. The symbol of water represents our conscious life experiences.  If your previous day(s) were relaxing and uplifting and you were going with the flow, your soul will use water as a symbol to tell you that you were on the right path and keep it up!  If you were in a downward spiral of feeling negative, overwhelmed, or stressed, then it probably comes as no surpise that your soul is telling you that you are drowning in these experiences, and you need to make a change.  Either way, AWESOME advice…right?

Thing #3:  If you ask to remember your dreams, you will.

Many people have said to me, “I never remember any of my dreams!” or “I don’t ever dream.”  Both of these statements are, technically, false.  If you wake up in the morning, and you start your morning routine of turning off the alarm clock, going to the bathroom, brushing your teeth, and know you had a dream, but you can’t recall anything, there is a reason.  The absolute best time to recall a dream is when we first wake up.  Like, as soon as you open your eyes, if you are consciously trying to remember your dreams, you will be able to recall at least one detail the seconds after you open your eyes.  Usually remembering one small detail sparks your memory of another, and another, until you can remember a very large portion of the dream.  Also, EVERYONE dreams.  This is a scientific (and spiritual!) fact.  Its been tested and proved.  Those who believe that they did not dream are just not in tune with remembering.  But, lucky for us, our souls will listen to our every command.  One thing to begin immediately if you want to start remembering your dreams, or remembering more details of your dreams, is to put a pen and notebook by your bed, and every night before you go to sleep, write the next morning’s date and also I will remember my dreams.  This is a very effective tip that was given to me by an instructor of mine and the School of Metaphysics, and has never failed me yet.  I’ve been remembering multiple dreams every night for the past 4 years!

Sooooo….I hope you found some helpful information here and if you have any questions or comments or you’d like to see more blogs about dream interpretation, please let me know in the comments below!

Sweet Dreams,